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Mrs. Bharti Lala » Welcome to your virtual Lalaland!

Welcome to your virtual Lalaland!

Hello! My wonderful people. Hope you are excited to get back to school virtually. I know, I am. This year has been tough on all of us but together we will work towards our goal and learn in a virtual setting. We will also learn to make the best of this new situation and come out victorious. Please know that I am here to help and support you to navigate this new style of learning which might come in handy when you go off to college. 
I teach AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry and College Prep Chemistry. I will be mainly using Canvas for instruction purposes. We will use Microsoft teams for communication/meeting. You will be provided with basic instruction on how to log in and access information on your classes.
Please make sure you are able to to access your school email account (scroll down to log in). Your email address is your student ID [email protected] Your password is your 8 digit birth date with no dashes or spaces. Also, please make sure that you and your parents are on Parent square app.
If you have question and need to contact me, this is my email [email protected]

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