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Ms. Stephanie Duhamel » Welcome to Ms. Duhamel's Class

Welcome to Ms. Duhamel's Class

Welcome to online Dance!  

My name is Ms. Duhamel and this is my 14th year of teaching Dance at Lakeside High School.  I am excited to embark on this new online teaching experience and feel that even though these times might make us feel anxious and uncertain of what lies ahead, we have an opportunity to get creative and learn some skills that may enhance your potential in the workforce, which many of you will be doing in the next year or so. I teach all grade levels so anyone is welcome to join in on any of the levels offered in my program. My passion is to help my students to become confident and develop a sense of who they are and what special strengths they have to offer.  Every student is unique and I enjoy discovering the strengths each one possesses.  Whether it's working with others, meeting new people, becoming a leader, choreographing a piece for others, or helping organize, everyone has something special to share.  Whatever your talent, I would like to help you discover it, and the longer you are in the program, the more it can be developed. 

I look forward to having you in my class!

Here are the dance courses offered:

Beginning Dance- 9th Grade or no experience

Intermediate Dance- 10th Grade, some dance experience or passed Beginning Dance. 

Advanced Dance- Passed Beginning Dance/Intermediate Dance and auditioned

Performance Dance- Passed Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Dance and auditioned  

In these courses, you will earn PE (Need 2 years), VAPA-Visual and Performing Arts (Need 1 year), or Elective credits for taking this course.  You may repeat the course(s) or move up to a higher level after auditioning or passing the prior level


What do I need to get started?


This year, we will be using the online platforms of Canvas and Zoom to proceed through your class.  Yes, it will be a challenge, but we will all work together and make it fun!  
Please make sure you are able to access your school email account (Links to an external site.) (scroll down to log in). Your email address is your student ID [email protected] (Links to an external site.). Your password is your 8 digit birth date with no dashes or spaces.
To sign on to Canvas follow this link (Links to an external site.) and then sign on with your school email address and password. Here you will see the Canvas App. Click on Canvas to see the classes in which you are enrolled for the 20/21 school year.
Please also make sure that both you and your parents are on the school's app Parent Square (Links to an external site.). This communication tool will be vital for important information this year.


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Click on the video below for a walkthrough on how to navigate my class:


I am available through email or the Parent Square App. I look forward to meeting everyone!
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Performance Dance
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