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ASB (Elective) » 2020 - 2021 ASB Executive Officer Elections

2020 - 2021 ASB Executive Officer Elections

President Candidate(s)

Antonio (Nick) Cardenas

I Nick Cardenas am running for ASB president. I am not only doing this for the good of the school, but as well as the good of the community. If you want someone that the people will choose then you should vote for Nick Cardenas. Not only will I make the school better, but I'll also be a great president.

Rowan Howell

In my time in ASB, I have had the amazing opportunity to push for real change and implement meaningful ideas to benefit my peers (you!), such as “Let’s Talk” and my contribution to our podcast “High School Transcript”. With your help, I can maintain a platform with the goal of creating as many opportunities as possible for all of us to create meaningful memories even during this unusual time. With these last few months left of the school year, we can do a lot together. Please help me help you, and vote Rowan Howell for ASB President.

Vice President Candidate(s)

Valerie Carrillo

In my 3 years of ASB I've been able to witness first hand the time and effort that goes into all activities and the bonds that form within the class. In the beginning of the year I was ASB Treasurer and have a bit of insight on what would best help influence the study body. Help me help you make the most of the remainder of this strange year. Vote Valerie Carrillo for ASB Vice President :-)  

Secretary Candidate(s)

Leah Rechister

I, Leah Rechister, am running for ASB secretary because I want to seek ways of improving our school and create memories for the student body. I’ve always been one to be passionate about ASB and have been wanting to get engaged with the students more often, so I think me being the secretary could potentially create a better school year for all of us! I am always here to listen to your ideas and stay supportive of everyone’s input as much as I can. I am thankful for this opportunity of me running for your ASB secretary and I’m so excited to experience the rest of this year with you all! Also, follow the ASB instagram account @lakesideasb_ :)

Treasurer Candidate(s)

Braeden Kemmerer

Hi, my name is Braeden Kemmerer, and I am running for ASB Treasurer. This school year has been rough, but we have almost pushed through it. I will always be fair and listen to everyone's ideas when it comes to implementing how we spend our ASB money. This is my first year in ASB and I have enjoyed every class despite being online. Some of the activities I have been involved in were the podcast as well as starring in The Home Alone lost at school skit. Once we are back on school campus, I will be pushing for the student store to be back up and running as well. I would like to see us offering school apparel, snacks, drinks, as well as school spirt items. I am a junior at Lakeside and I have played baseball since freshman year and I've been involved in AVID. Vote for me to be your next ASB treasurer, it just makes cents.