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Ms. Paula Stanley » Paula Stanley's Life Skills Class

Paula Stanley's Life Skills Class


Wow... 2020 has sure turned out be quite different! Never would I have dreamed that we would all be living, working, and learning like this. Since we are left without a choice, we are all doing the best we can: parents, students, and staff included. Our class consists of myself plus four wonderful and supportive Para Educators: Dani, Heather, Paige, and Erin. We ARE Team 615. Welcome to our classroom!  


We face may challenges everyday as we try to navigate different aspects of online learning. When I think back to the first two weeks of this online format, I am so impressed with the improvement and progress with each of our kids; they certainly are resilient and I am so proud of each of them. I can’t wait for all of us to be back in the classroom once again.


Team 615



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For Parents: [email protected]

           Call or text me anytime.


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