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Robotics Club Hits Home Run Hosting VEX - Op-Ed by Robert Duncan

A huge shout out to Chris Perez, Darren Takenaga, Nelson Velosa and Marc Tintorer members of the Math and Science Departments at Lakeside High School for an outstanding robotics competition. The VEX competition was attended by many other high schools and district dignitaries. Folks, in my estimation this is just the beginning of a brilliant future for a K-12, yes Middle Schools and Elementary Schools, LEUSD training ground for an outstanding robotics education and competition with other schools. This Robotics competition is a first for the District led by Lakeside and adding a new definition to the acronym STEAM education. And let us not forget the real heroes of our school, the students and their superior performances and construction of the competition site in the Moscowitz Gym. Thanks to Drs. Kimberly and Meyer for their attendance and support, and I believe I saw at least one Board of Education member, Stan Crippen.
Last but certainly not least, thank you Dr. Hopping for your leadership and support in our journey to improve our culture. WOW what a home run!
Please forgive me if I left anyone out, it was crowded and dark, and I had to leave early.
Bob Duncan
Lakeside Math Teacher