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LEUSD has joined the Parchment Exchange, a secure paperless document solution for managing transcript requests. Transcripts orders via Parchment are available at no cost to current students only.

Said Dr. Doug Kimberly, LEUSD Superintendent, “Students need robust support for automated transcript submittals, and Parchment delivers secure features that students can use to prepare, submit and monitor as their high school and college transcript records grow.”

How it works

The Parchment system is available to current students only (grads and former students must use a different system). High Schools maintain student transcripts. Students first create a Parchment account to order transcripts. Parchment notifies the high school of a student transcript order. Once the transcript is uploaded by the registrar, Parchment electronically delivers a transcript to its destination. Students can order and direct transcript submittals to multiple colleges and universities. The Parchment Exchange is a secure document management system.

A series of useful videos guide each step, including Parchment account setup, transcript orders, notification options, and tracking transcript submittals. The video topics and links are given below:

VIDEO: Register your account using a registration code
This video tutorial will show the steps on how to easily register for your Parchment account using the registration email or handout your high school provided.

VIDEO Quick Bytes: How learners can add or edit email addresses on their account

This video will show the steps on how learners can add or edit email addresses on their account.

VIDEO: How to order transcripts

In this video tutorial we will show the steps on how to easily register for your Parchment account and place an order for your transcript.

VIDEO Tutorial: How to track your transcript order

Find out how to track your transcript, and learn how to troubleshoot if you're not sure where your transcript is.

VIDEO: A Learner's Journey with Parchment
Parchment’s mission is to help Learners turn their credentials into opportunities. See how Parchment has you covered every step of the way.

For more information about Parchment, please visit

Note: grads and former students cannot use Parchment for their transcript requests because it is not set up for them; instead, they can order online using scribsoft, or by contacting LEUSD’s Records Department, telephone 951-253-7000 ext. 2250. The URL exclusively for grads and former students is:

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