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Mrs. Jamie Webber » Biology


Mrs. Webber’s Biology Class 2018-2019


Voicemail: (951) 253 – 7300 ext: 3356

Remind 101: Text @jwlhsbio to 81010 to join


Dear guardian(s) and student,


Welcome to Biology!  My name is Mrs. Webber.  This is a standards based course that follows the Next Generation Science Standards grade 9-12 life sciences. My goal as a teacher is to provide everyone who enters my class the opportunity to learn in the most successful environment.  It is the responsibility of each individual student to take advantage of the opportunities presented. 


Required Materials: You should have the following materials with you every day:  Science Notebook, lined paper, writing utensil, highlighter, glue or tape, colored pencils, and school planner.   


Course Goals:  To reach proficiency of the Next Generation Science Standards Performance Expectations for life science in grades 9-12.  While learning life science curriculum students will practice science and engineering practices (asking questions and defining problems; developing and using models; planning and carrying out investigations; analyzing and interpreting data; using mathematics and computational thinking; constructing explanations and designing solutions; engaging in argument from evidence; and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information) to work towards thinking like a scientist.  Student will make connections between curriculum while using Crosscutting Concepts (patterns; cause and effect: mechanisms and explanations; scale, proportion, and quantity; systems and system models; energy and matter: flow, cycles, and conservation; structure and function; and stability and change) that are common themes found in all science disciplines.


Grades:  Students will regularly have a science notebook check, quiz and a learning log.  If a student’s notebook is not complete at the end of the day on Friday, the week it is due the student is expected to stay after school until the work is complete. Typically grades will be updated by Monday afternoon of each week.  Please regularly view your student’s grade via the parent Infinite Campus portal.


Class Rules:  Respect; come to class prepared; follow all school rules; always try your best; and ask questions

Notebook Check Number One

Materials due Wednesday Aug 22nd:
- 2 Composition notebooks with at least 100 sheets (200 pages)
- Box of colored pencils
- Highlighter
- Bottle of glue or roll of tape
- Writing Utensil
- Lined Paper
The following items would be greatly appreciated if donated to our classroom:
- Box of tissue
- Cleaning wipes
-White board markers