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ASB (Elective) » 2020 Senior Class Officer Elections

2020 Senior Class Officer Elections

President Candidate

Denay Johnson

Hello, my fellow seniors. My name is Denay Johnson. I am running for senior president, and I need your help to vote for me. You might be asking yourself why is Denay qualified for this job. Well I’m here to tell you reasons why you should vote for me. I am persistent and always put forth all my energy into everything I do no matter how long it takes. I always finish what I start. I really enjoy being involved in school life. I’m a compassionate leader and promise to listen to your opinions before deciding. I know everyone isn’t very excited kicking off their senior year online, I know I wasn’t. But I hope to bring forth some ideas that could potentially make this year one to remember. Should you elect me just know I’ll always have everyone’s best interest at heart. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Vice President Candidate

Anabel Ramos

I, Anabel Ramos would be a good choice for the role of Vice President because of how dependable, creative, and hardworking I am. I want to help make online learning more comfortable and still make this the best year for students.

Serena Miranda

My name is Serena Miranda and I want to be your next Senior Class Vice President. Vote for me.

Secretary Candidate

Vanessa Romo-Gutierrez

Hi, I'm Vanessa, I’m running for secretary because I’m very committed and have lots of patience. I’ve always wanted to do something like this. It’s a change but in a great way to show my people skills. I will not give up. I will stick to it through the end. I would like to be your secretary for the 2020-2021 school year. I would like to meet new people. Thank you very much and don't forget to vote for Vanessa.

Treasurer Candidates

Antonio (Nick) Cardenas

I, Antonio Nicholas Cardenas, hope to be elected as your ASB treasurer so that when we ask, “What has ASB been doing with all of the money that they get from Homecoming and Prom” I can answer that honestly and know that whatever is exactly being done is being used to the fullest extent of efficiency to better the quality of every students high school experience. Not only by what is the will of the ASB student body, but in the interest of much of every student at Lakeside High School. I plan to learn exactly what the position of Treasurer asks of me to perform and push the limits of what I can do in order to maximize the efficiency of how the position can be run. I’d like to thank Mrs. Webber and Mr. Flannery for giving me the opportunity to run for treasurer.

Kimberly Esquivel

Hi I’m Kimberly Esquivel and I want to be your senior class treasurer. I want to be your treasurer because I am capable of handling figures and cash, have an orderly mind and methodical way of thinking, have experience in dealing with large sums of money and budgets, have experience of financial control and budgeting, also with an eye for detail. I have been involved in avid, link crew, waterpolo, swim, leadership renaissance, and  have job experience handling money. I want to be in charge of your fundraising and money handling. So, please remember me at the polls.