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Bulletin Board » Senior Check-out, Friday, May 25 / Grad Night May 30

Senior Check-out, Friday, May 25 / Grad Night May 30

Seniors will be given their check-out form during 1st period on Friday May 25th..  Seniors will start requesting signatures at that point. However, the rules still stand that students should NOT go to a class for any other period than that which they have your class!

If a student is signed-off as passing, they WILL be cleared for graduation based on this declaration. Therefore, if there are questions of a student’s status, they may not be signed until verification has taken place. 

On Friday May 25th, students, through their government/ economics class will rotate through the bookkeeper, librarian, and career center to get needed signatures to clear (of course if they have fees or holds they will not be cleared until these are resolved)(seniors knowing they have items to clear should start doing that asap to ensure they have a smoother check out process).

Note that any senior planning to go to Grad Night on Wednesday, May 30th MUST be completely cleared and signed out through their counselor (the final step to clearance for graduation) before they will be allowed on the bus (The bus leaves at 4:30, but they will need to have their counselor sign them out before the end of the school day).

If there are any questions or concerns please let me know!  Aaron Nessman

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